School Closures

Dear Parent,

We had hoped that at this stage we would be able to confirm the date for Confirmation enabling us in turn to select a date for First Communion, but as yet we haven’t received the date from the Archdiocese. Confirmations run from February through to June and can occur on any day or date in between. In recent years our date has fallen in May and it is important for everyone that these two very significant events in family, school and the community calendar occur sometime apart. As soon as we get notification we will let you know.

As we are unable at this point to send out a complete calendar of closures and important dates for the year, please see below upcoming dates for the month of October.


Monday 2nd October, school closed for all pupils.

Hallowe’en Break: school closed for the week beginning, Monday 30th of October.

Parent/Teacher Meetings: these will be held before Hallowe’en, you will receive notification of your appointed day and time shortly.