P5/6 Stone Age Tour of South Armagh

P5/6 spent the morning touring local sites of interest from the Stone Age with local historian, Una Walsh, from the Rural Health Partnership. The children visited Ballykeel Dolmen and Annaghmare Court Cairn. They learned about the history of the area and how stone age people created and used these structures. This followed on from a classroom based session with Una on Tuesday afternoon.

En route to and from the sites, Una, never one to miss an opportunity, informed the children about many other local sites of interest across South Armagh. The children have an enhanced understanding of their local area and have been tasked with telling at least ten other people something that they have learned this week. This will help ensure that the oral tradition of passing on stories is in safe hands with the current generation of children in our local area.

Thanks to Una and The Rural Health Partnership for facilitating the tour.