P5 – Digging into our past

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The pupils in P5 had the amazing opportunity to become archaeologists on Tuesday and Wednesday in a special archaeological dig in our very own South Armagh. A team of expert archaeologists from Queen’s Univeristy Belfast teamed up with our P5 pupils to uncover some of the secrets of our heritage at Cornahove Ringfort, just outside Crossmaglen. The P5 classes have been studying the Stone Age during this term and were hoping to uncover a big find on their first archaeological dig. To add to all of excitement the BBC Home Ground documentary team were present to film any exciting unearthing! The children explored the Ringfort with expert archaeologist Brian before getting down to the hard work of searching for artefacts in the trenches. On day one P5 made numerous findings with the ever observant Jamie McParland uncovering a piece of pottery that was over 300 years old. On day two P5 went one step further when Conor Loye used amazing archaeological skills and his eagle eye to unearth a stone tool from the Neolithic Period which was dated at almost 5000 years. The children had a wonderful time and loved every moment of learning about their own local Irish History. Mr Hamill, Mrs Morrow and P5 would like to say a huge thank you to Darren from the Ring of Gullion for all his help in organising the experience. Luckily for you, much of P5’s exploits were caught on camera and will air on BBC 1 this coming Monday at 19:30 on the ‘Home Ground’ show. Be sure to tune in and see how our archaelogists in the making made our school very proud!