P6 + P6/7- H2O Heroes Workshop

What an exciting morning for P6 and P6/7 classes yesterday when they took delivery of their “Lab in a Box”. Dr Caroline and Dr. Suzanne from DKIT Dundalk, led our classes “virtually” through a morning of Science exploration, where they learned all about H2O and healthy water indicators.

As scientists and researchers Dr Caroline and Dr Suzanne sample river water and identify levels of pollution from the numbers of “good” and “bad” macro-invertebrates present. P6 and P6/7 had the opportunity to investigate a river water sample, find and identify the “goodies” mayfly, stonefly and caddisfly, and then they even got to see some caddisfly larva emerge from their cases!

A huge thank you to Therese at the Ring of Gullion for including us in this project, it was an exciting morning and we are all now H2O heroes!