P6- Virtual Coding Lessons

Over the past number of Tuesday mornings our P6 Pupils have been learning to program using “Scratch”. On Tuesday past they had their last “virtual” session. When we return to school, they will complete the next stage of the project.

So far they have created their back drop, “An Abhainn” (The River) and programmed their “sprite” a frog, to follow their mouse pointer along the river. Each time the sprite bumps into the river back it is programmed to react, to make a noise, croak!

When it reaches certain targets along the river bank messages are programmed to appear. These messages are clues to locations around the village e.g.  “Clue- a place well known to the little red hen”- the mill.

Once all parts of the project are completed and put into place, pupils will have created a “virtual” 3d map of the village viewed using “virtual reality headsets” all their research will be linked via QR codes.

A huge congratulations to all our P6’s they have worked hard and overcome many obstacles, including learning to code via a virtual classroom. We are super proud of each and every one of them and super excited to see how the next step of the project develops. We will keep you posted!