P6 Work- Week 2

Today it is the turn of our P6 Class to showcase their work from the past week. As well as their Google Classroom this week they have used: websites, Power Points, You Tube, Google Forms, Email, videos and Jamboard, all to keep the teaching and learning going!

Every day has presented new challenges, with new skills to conquer and I am absolutely delighted with all they have achieved. Below is a link to a short compilation of some of their work, to have included it all would have meant a Hollywood Block Buster!

Congratulations boys and girls, ( Mums and Dads), you have worked away each day completing tasks set and uploading them to your Google Classroom. In so doing you have continued your learning and developed lots of new skills. When this is all over they will stand you in good stead, for the future.

Keep up the fantastic work and enjoy your holidays when they come this week.

Miss Mulkerns