P7 are Babysitting!!!


P7 have been looking after some very special visitors. They arrived all 30+ of them last Friday in the form of eggs and over the weekend we are delighted to announce they have hatched and are swimming about! What are they? …

Brown trout which we are looking after for the guys at the Ring Of Gullion, www.ringofgullion.org/ until they are released back into the wild. Unfortunately they move so fast that we have not been able to get any good close up shots.


If you look very closely you might just see some tails in the air on the right hand side towards the back of the picture. The bubbles are oxygen that we are pumping into the water. We are keeping the aquarium in a fridge to keep the temperature of the water cool, similar to what it would be in the wild at the moment. Did you know a female trout lays around 4,000 eggs but only around 2 will survive to adulthood.

One day we hope they will all look like…