P7 had an exciting day today working with the team from Streamscapes. The group were teaching us about aquatic and biodiversity issues. We learned that the water in our river catchment areas here in the Ring of Gullion has a “moderate” status and this is determined by the diversity and numbers of Bio-monitors (or bugs), found in our rivers and streams. 


In the photos we were learning about the geology of our area and the different stages that our environment went through from volcanic eruptions to ice age glaciers. 


We all got a booklet to take home and share with our families. We know a lot more about how our human activities can impact on our environment and we are determined to look after our precious waterways.  

Even the Chairperson from the District Council, dropped in to find out more about the project. Thanks to Therese from the Ring of Gullion, Group for including us in the project.