P7 Catholic Schools Week Assembly


To launch Catholic Schools Week 2018 (Called to be a Family of Families), P7 planned and presented their own assembly for the KS2 classes. It incorporated prayer, song, drama and ICT. They key message was the importance of family at home, at school and in our parish. P7 also informed the school about the ‘World Meeting of Families,’ which is due to take place later this year in Dublin. Some of the content from the assembly is shown below.

Family Prayer

God made a family, We need one another,

We love one another, We forgive one another,

We work together, We pray together, We worship together,

Together we use God’s word, Together we grow in Christ,

Together we love all people, Together we serve our God,

Together we hope for heaven. These are our hopes and ideals.

Help us to achieve them, O God, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


Class Video to show why St Mary’s is a truly good Catholic School –