P7 View Aidan Strain’s Fleet

The P7 year group enjoyed one of the highlights of their year so far today. The children went down for a special viewing of Aidan Strain’s fleet of tractors and machinery, which are laid out for Saturday’s highly anticipated auction.

With such a large number of children in the year group interested in farming, there was an incredible level of excitement. Aidan organised for ASEE staff members to lead the children around in groups, before providing them with treats to enjoy back in school.

Aidan, a member of St Mary’s Board of Governors, and his wife Leontia, are close friends of our school and we are incredibly grateful to them for taking the time to provide our pupils with such a memorable experience. Thanks also to Gillian and to ASEE staff members David, Seamus, Paul, Peter and others for their time today.

Finally, there may be a few familiar faces on BBC news at some stage before Saturday, so keep an eye out for this!