Parent/Teacher Meetings- Oct 2023

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Parent Teacher Meetings will take place during the week beginning Monday, 23rd of October running daily (through to and including), Thursday, 26th October, starting @1:30 pm each day. Day and time for each child/family is currently being organised by Office Staff, and will be issued shortly.

Dinner times will run as normal these days, with the last sitting KS2, at 12:30 pm. If you wish you can collect your child/children at 1pm, Mon-Thurs of that week. Otherwise children will be accommodated in the school assembly hall where they will be supervised by Mr McDonnell and Classroom Assistants, until picked up at the normal 2pm or 3pm.

School buses will be running at their normal time.  If your child travels by bus and your meeting time coincides with the bus departure time, please let Mr McDonnell know if you will collect your child/children from the hall or if you wish for them to continue home on the bus.

Supervision will be offered in the assembly hall until meetings have finished.

School sponsored walk:

This is scheduled to take place on Friday, 27th of October- weather permitting. Sponsor cards will be issued in due course.

Mr McDonnell