Primary 7 Trip

Dear Parent/Guardian,

A reminder that our P7 pupils are off to Carlingford Adventure Centre tomorrow, Tuesday 7th of June. The bus will depart from school @8:30 am sharp  On arrival we will be straight into our schedule of activities, so please make sure everyone has eaten a hearty breakfast!  Lunch and dinner were included in the cost and will be provided by the centre.

Please, old clothes only and remember we can have 4 seaons in one day! A list of essential items is given below, please label bags and items for easy identification. It is useful if children are involved in the packing so that they know what iems they have with them and can identify them in the event of the inevitable mix up in the changing room!


Track suit tops +bottoms, t-shirts & socks (allow for a change of each in the event of wet weather)

· Swimwear

· 2 pair of runners (this includes an old pair for water activities)

· Towel

· Sunscreen & a hat

· Plastic bags for putting wet gear into after water sports

· A small backpack- for carrying items needed to the different activities

· Water bottle

If you wish your child may bring money for buying treats in the tuck shop, no more than 10 Euro is allowed and should be zipped away in a pocket, as bags will be stored centrally in the Centre. Electronic devices or any other items of value are not allowed. 

We will arrive back to school @ 8:30 pm approx. If for any reason we are delayed leaving Carlingford, we will send out a message via the school website, which will feed to our Facebook/Twitter accounts.

Looking forward to a great day,

Miss Mulkerns + Mr Mc Coy