Reminder of School Finish Times + Pick up Points

In an attempt to manage congestion within the school building and also outside the school gates, Year Groups will exit the school grounds via different points as outlined below. Please note siblings exiting school at the SAME home time, should gather as a family unit and then exit via the allocated exit for the youngest family member. 

  1. Nursery             via Nursery Car Park 
  2. P1 & P2              2 pm via Main Entrance at Front of School 
  3. P3                        2 pm via Main School Car Park
  4. P4                        3 pm via Main Entrance at Front of School
  5. P5, P 6 & P 7     3 pm via Ti Chulainn Car Park 
  6. Buses                 Buses enter/exit the school grounds via the Main Car Park @3pm

We must have written permission from a Parent/Guardian for P7 pupils to walk/cycle home unaccompanied.  They may exit via the Main Front Entrance. Cyclists should remain within the school grounds until the traffic has cleared before exiting at the front of the school.