Scarlet Fever

Dear Parent / Guardian,

We have been informed that a pupil/number of children who attend St Mary’s Primary School have been diagnosed with scarlet fever. The Public Health Agency have advised that because of increased rates of Group A streptococcus in the Community compared to what is usually seen at this time of year, that it is not unexpected that schools and early years settings will see cases.

The Public Health Agency has provided the enclosed information leaflet for parents and guardians. I would encourage you to read it as it contains useful information about the scarlet fever and other infections caused by Group A streptococcus.

If your child is unwell, they should not attend school or early years settings.

If your child is diagnosed with scarlet fever they should stay at home and not attend school or early years settings for at least 24 hours after starting the antibiotic treatment, to avoid spreading the infection.

)Factsheet – What is Group A Strep.docx (1)

Further information about scarlet fever is available on the PHA website: and and also on NI Direct

Thanking you

P Mc Donnell (Principal)