Skills Academy Term 1 – Block 2

Please see information from Mark relating to the Skills Academy

The following group will be used to communicate changes in the timetable for the skills academy after-school club (bad weather, etc).

The timetable is as follows and will begin Monday the 6th of November to Friday the 8th of December. Please note the slight change to Mondays, the rest of the week is the same. This is a 5 week block, the same as the last, costing £25 for the 10 sessions/ £12.50 for 5 sessions or £3 per session. All monies are to be enclosed in an envelope with the child’s name and class.

Monday– 2-3pm P5 (subsided – no charge) / 3-4pm P4

Tuesday– 2-3pm P2 / 3-4pm P6/7 girls

Wednesday– 2-3pm P3 / 3-4pm P6/7 boys

Thursday– 2-3pm P2 / 3-4pm P4

Friday– 2-3pm P3 / 3-4pm P5

Please fill in the following form if you wish to register your child for the upcoming 5 week block.