Take Five Steps for Well Being!

“Take 5” Everyone!!!

1. Be Active : Play, walk, cycle, run around. Being active helps us keep fit and also makes us feel good.

2. Connect: Have family fun, talk with family, help out at home, share your feelings. Being connected makes us feel loved.
3. Give : Do something nice for a friend or family member, share, smile . Give to yourself – play, be creative, use your imagination, draw, paint, dance, dream. When we give to ourselves or others it makes us feel happy.

4. Take Notice: Watch and listen to what’s going on around you, changing seasons, bugs, birds, flowers and rainbows.  Take notice of how you feel.

5. Keep Learning: Read for fun, learn how to do something new, try your best. Set a challenge you will enjoy. Learning new things makes us feel proud as well as being fun to do.

For lots of family fun ideas check out the link below, to the latest High Five Issue, it’s well worth a browse!!!



For our Polish and Lithuanian families there is a some information in Polish and Lithuanian, sorry there is no Latvian available.