Tierney & Murphy Cup Winners 2017


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Well done to the 2017 winners of the Murphy & Tierney cups. It was a difficult decision for all of the staff and there could have been more than one winner. However, the two recipients have demonstrated all of the criteria necessary to be named winner in the respective categories over their time in the school.

The Pius Tierney Cup is awarded annually to a P7 Leaver who the staff believe is an embodiment of our school ethos and a reflection of our school motto, “Never Settle for Less than Your Best”. To deserve nomination and win the cup the boy or girl must fulfill these criteria:

  • demonstrate an enthusiasm for learning
  • show consistent good effort and a desire to improve
  • be well behaved and respectful to all members of staff
  • be friendly, caring and helpful to their peers
  • be keen to participate in school events and be a trust worthy ambassador for St. Mary’s
  • and finally has that little extra Sparkle of the …. Pius Tierney X Factor!!!

The Anne Murphy Cup is awarded annually to a P7 Leaver who contributes to the life of the school through their involvement in sport not only in their final year, but also over the previous six in the school. Mrs Murphy presented this cup to the school on her retirement last year and it will be awarded on an annual basis to a child who has followed Ann’s sporting example.