Annual Sponsored Walk

Dear Parents/Guardians.

I am writing to ask you for your support with our upcoming fund rising event: Our Annual Sponsored Walk. This will take place on Friday, 11th of November, we were unable to run with it on our usual Friday before midterm,  due to our P7 Year Group’s invite to attend St Joseph’s High School’s Open Day.

The event as always will be an opportunity for our school community to come together and have some fun!  It will also importantly raise much needed school funds, something which we very much depend on. Funds raised will assist in the purchase of resources, as well as subsidising school trips and events.

Sponsor Cards we be issued to the oldest child in each family after mid term and we ask your support in assisting children in gathering sponsorship. All families that raise over £40 will be entered into a draw, for prizes of Smyths’ vouchers: 1x £100, 1x £50 and 2x £25 .

Details of arrangements on the day will be issued before the event.

Thank you for your assistance,

P Mc Donnell (Principal)