Mental Health Week Megathon

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and this afternoon our P6 Year group took part in a ‘Mental Health Week- Megathon Extravaganza’ organised by HIP Psychology.

During the session they learned about the three key pillars of growth:

  1. Growing Through Setbacks 
  2. Growing Our Emotional Well-being
  3. Growing Together.

Growing through Setbacks               Focus on Strengths

Pupils learned how setbacks provide an opportunity for growth. The workshop explored the difference between ‘blame’ and ‘responsibility’ and how pupils can use setbacks as a method to improve. They looked at some typical setbacks a Key Stage 2 pupil might face and what a ‘growth response’ would look like.

Growing our emotional well-being Making new friends

They learned about the ‘big 5 of emotions’  and the Thoughts-Emotions-Actions cycle (TEA Time). They learned that often actions and behaviours can be dictated by how we choose to perceive a situation.

Growing together                                     Letting Go

P6 explored the importance of being a ‘team player’ and learned that how we act towards others can impact on how others feel and perform. They examined what a good team player looks like and how they could be a great ‘team player in the classroom.

P6 understand the impact both behaviour and emotions can have on others and learned that both can be ‘contagious!”