P5 Well-being Study

Dear P5 Parents/Guardians,

Our P5 Pupils have been invited to take part in an important study currently being undertaken by Ulster University, led by Dr Jenny Davison and Dr Marian McLaughlin.  It aims to measure and explore the wellbeing of Primary 5 pupils across Northern Ireland. 

Wellbeing is an increasingly important focus for Schools, particularly given that we have recently emerged from a pandemic. While research on children’s well-being does exist, previous studies have not been longitudial i.e. they have not tracked the health and wellbeing of pupils from their Primary Schools through to their Secondary Schools.

In addition conducting this study will provide an understanding of children’s wellbeing at age 8-9 years, data which doesn’t currently exist in NI. It also importantly gives pupils and schools the opportunity to shape future research and policies in NI.

How will Pupils take part? 

Pupils will complete an online survey which should take around 20/30 minutes to complete during school time.

The survey has been specifically designed to be user-friendly for 8-9 year olds.

An information sheet for Parents was given out at the recent P5 Parent/Teacher Meetings. At that time it was explained that only those pupils returning completed consent forms can participate in the study, the link for the Parental Consent form is given below, we would encourage as many P5 pupils as possible to take part in this important study. 

Link for Parental Consent Form:


Link for further information for Parents:

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