Primary Seven – Google Classroom Month 1

Yesterday marked the completion of one month of online learning for Primary 7. The oldest class in the school have embraced this new challenge and seamlessly adapted to their virtual classroom.

The pupils sign in to their Google Classroom each morning and download their instructions and materials for the day ahead. Whilst completing their usual Literacy and Numeracy activities on a daily basis, P7 have also been creating fact files on their World Around Us topics of ‘Titanic’ and now ‘Space.’ The pupils have continued their preparation for Confirmation, despite it being postponed. Daily exercise / PE is a big hit, as are the apps and websites that form part of their digital curriculum, such as EPIC, Mathletics, Corbett Maths and more. Pupils have also been carrying out fun experiments and STEM challenges. Cycling Proficiency is the latest new initiative to be launched digitally this week. All the while, the boys and girls are interacting with each other through the classroom to stay in touch, which is obviously of great importance.

Below is a small selection of the work that has been submitted to the online classroom, as well as some photos and videos of the “Life Learning” that is going on at this time. We all must remember to have a bit of fun at this time! As they move through the final term of their final year in St Mary’s, Primary 7 continue to embrace these exceptional circumstances in an exceptional manner.