Sponsored Walk + Odd Socks’ Day

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Weather permitting our Sponsored Walk will go ahead this Friday, 11th of November at 10:15 am.  This year to coincide with the launch of “Anti Bullying Week” (which takes place next week), we are asking everyone to wear “ODD SOCKS” for the Sponsored Walk. It’s a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique in Anti-Bullying Week!

Routes are as follows:

P4-P7: will follow our traditional route- crossing outside the school onto the river walk, then the Tullymacrieve Road, Cranny Road, Lough Road, Glendesha Road, Forkhill Road and back via the River Walk to school. (Approx. 2.8 miles)

P1- P3:  will walk to the Football Club and back (approx, 1.6 miles).

Nursery: Our Nursery Class will walk through the Main School Yard, to Ti Chulainn Car park, then onto the Bog Road and back to school via the main school gates to Nursery.

Parents/Guardians are cordially invited to participate, (wearing Odd Socks of course!) We ask that you fall in and walk at the back of your child’s Class or Year group. Our P7 Year group will lead us all off  and the event should last approximately  1 hour.

Please be mindful of surface water on the roads and that footwear suitable for walking in wet conditions is necessary. Everyone should also bring a waterproof coat with a hood. 

We hope everyone has fun and that we raise lots of money, we ask that all sponsor money is returned by Friday 25th of November. Sponsor Cards were issued yesterday to the oldest family members.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation,

P Mc Donnell