St Brigid’s Day


Today is St. Brigid’s Day, the 1st of February and usually some of our classes would visit the Shrine at Faughart, to mark the occasion. Today instead our virtual classes will have activities related to St Brigid: listening to stories associated with her life, looking at pictures from the Shrine and Faughart Graveyard, making crosses etc. We hope everyone will get involved!

 Some events happening today to mark the occasion:

  1. Mass is being celebrated from the Shrine at Faughart @11 am, it will be broadcast live via the  Faughart Parish Facebook page.

2. Also at 11 am, The Armagh Rhymers will be presenting the story of St Brigid through song, dance and craft by hosting a free virtual show as part of the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Ireland, St Brigid’s Day celebration event.  The event will be live streamed on their website to attend click on the link below (no sign up/download etc required).