Surprise – “Graduation with a difference”

Dear family and friends of our Nursery,

Today was to be our Graduation Day but sadly we couldn’t host it in the way we had planned.  This amazing group of children will forever go down in the history of our school as the Nursery group that had to finish so abruptly because of the impact of the pandemic.  What a tale for them to tell future generations.  I know there was great disappointment about the Graduation not happening ……. well we couldn’t let that happen.   So as the saying goes, “Here’s one I’ve prepared earlier “, it is not the grand production we had envisaged but I’m sure you will enjoy it and agree that it is a true reflection of how happy and confident the children are in the setting.  The relaxed demeanour of the children you see in this video is often lost when they have to perform for an audience.   As adults we are disappointed about how the year ended, however  the children’s memories of  Nursery are not based on our last week together but rather a year of fun times, security and friendships.  Enjoy our “Graduation with a difference” .  On Tuesday 🤫  you will receive your child’s Graduation photo.  My sincere thanks for your understanding and messages of support this week.